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Have you ever watched the ants working hard in the summer?  Building mounds, hauling crumbs deep underground.  Close by, the grasshoppers are jumping from weed to weed playing catch-me-if-you-can and enjoying life.  Winter arrives!  Ants underground warm and buried deep in summer picnic leftovers.  The grasshopper–no more green grass to dance in, no food, no shelter, no plan B, and soon death by the elements.

Accept responsibility for your actions.  Actions=consequences and we shouldn’t be surprised by the end results.  The blame game may be fun for short term, but eventually that strategy will unravel.  It has become easy to turn a deaf ear when the word “responsibility” is being hurled at us from all angles of life, starting from our youth.  Responsibility is actually an indication of good character.

When “the buck stops here” is actually practiced it becomes easier to trust and respect the person who is living and working by that motto.

Responsibility has to be earned.  No one is entitled to it.  You can’t inherit it.  You can’t have anymore of it if you didn’t do good with the portion you were in charge of before.  Responsible people do what they said they would do because they said they would do it!

In order to work at developing traits to accept responsibility one must:

  1. See and accept help
  2. Listen to new ideas
  3. Get rid of anger, fear, blame, mistrust and insecurity
  4. Take risks.  Change and grow in your personal life.
  5. Reorganize your goals and priorities.  Don’t get caught on just a one-way street.
  6. You and only You are in charge of the direction your life takes.

Charles Francis author writes about an ancient Roman custom that places architects of some of the most gorgeous arches in the world totally responsible for their work.  As the bracing scaffolding is removed from the finished work the lead engineer stands directly under the arch.  The engineer knows in advance how critical the quality of his work will impact his life.

There are times in our everyday life that we may need to stick our own neck out, accept the responsibility and the consequences of our actions.  Taking control of your life prepares you for this great step of faith.



Live long and prosper.

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