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As a boy I loved being in the Boy Scouts program.  I loved to camp, hike, fish and be outdoors 24-7.  The Boy Scouts allowed me to do all of those things.  When I became the father of three sons I wanted the same for my boys.  We were all actively involved with the Boy Scout program.  It allowed me to spend quality time with my sons (all three were Eagle Scouts).  We hiked part of the Appalachian Trail together and had many wonderful times in the great outdoors.  This summer we are planning a camping and fishing trip in Island Park, Idaho and my three sons will be bringing their sons on this adventure as well. 

As a Boy Scout, one of the first things I had to memorize was the Boy Scout Law.  The first word in the Scout Law is “Trustworthy.”  Being a person that others trust is key to all relationships, whether personal or professional.  A person’s word is their bond. 

Many of you know that for several years, I have highly recommended everyone read “The Speed of Trust” written by Stephen M.R. Covey, the son of noted author and lecturer Stephen R. Covey.  The “Speed of Trust” teaches us great concepts on the topic of trust.  Among other things, trust requires an alignment of values and a clear understanding of expectations.  Trust can be lost when bad results are created via poor execution, compounded by inadequate communication, no matter how honorable the intentions.  Trust is the key variable in the formula for success.  The old paradigm was Strategy x Execution = Results.  The new paradigm is that Strategy x Execution x Trust = Results.  When trust goes up in relationships, speed goes up and costs go down.

Our CARES culture and core values would never stand a chance of working if we didn’t base our actions on trust.  As we push things forward in 2014, I urge you to think how you can strengthen your relationships to assure you are always extending and earning trust.  We do this daily by keeping commitments, walking the talk, being good for our word and being good scouts—“trustworthy” in everything we do.


Live long and prosper.

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