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     Learning to delegate successfully is a key management skill that is

often mistaken as passing off work nobody wants to do.  An

overlooked part of delegation is that it encourages employees to

stretch their skills and judgement while creating a better work

environment.  Some managers believe that learning new skills and

handing over more responsibility may slow progress and create

mistakes.  Monitor the progress of the new skill, but don’t micro-

manage.  Make sure your employees are recognized for accepting a

new responsibility, and that they are equipped to succeed.  Establish

end goal expectations, and realize that it does not matter if an

employee’s methodology of completing a task  may not be done just

like you do it.

     Robert Townsend, author of “Further Up the Organization,” wrote

that ‘Leaders delegate whole important jobs.  Non-Leaders make all

final decisions themselves.’  Learning to delegate will require a detour

out of your comfort zone.  The most successful executives and

managers strive to make themselves unnecessary to their staff.


Live long and prosper.

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