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Many of us know the above quote as one we have often stated and even printed on T-shirts at Clary Sage College.

 I recently read the results from a 2013 Gallup study that researched workers from 142 countries and roughly 180 million employees worldwide. They discovered only 13% of the working population are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to make positive contributions in their organizations. 

 Here’s the breakdown of Gallup’s 2013 results worldwide:

  •  13% Engaged.  Employees feel a strong connection to the success of their organization almost as owners—and invest significant discretionary time and effort.
  • 63% Not Engaged.  People feel less connected to their work and are disinclined to display initiative.
  • 24% Actively Disengaged.  Workers who are unhappy and unproductive at work, and liable to spread negativity to co-workers.
  •  In rough numbers, this translates into 900 million not engaged and 340 million actively disengaged workers around the globe! This means 87% of the world’s working population is not meaningfully engaged in, or otherwise enthusiastic about their jobs!

 Worldwide, actively disengaged employees outnumber engaged employees by nearly 2:1!  The results do not warrant much explanation. The fact is, a majority consider work as a necessary evil, a daily grind, a set of thankless tasks that must be done for mere survival. They are plagued by a lack of purpose and confused to how one should find meaning in work. 

 Personally, I find this research to be a sad indicator that so many workers worldwide certainly are not doing what they love and loving what they do! We see it daily don’t we? The way we are treated as customers by businesses is a prime indicator of the lack of caring and passion that many workers demonstrate in their professions. 

What is the cause of this problem? Some suggest it is due to poor leadership. John Maxwell perfectly sums it up as, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Others suggest the cause is rooted in that many workers fail to discover their purpose or a clear vocation in life. 

Whatever the cause or combination of causes, I feel very blessed, every day, to truly “do what I love and love what I do!”…Don’t you? 



Live long and prosper.

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