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The one Core Value which I hear most frequently about, from candidates for hire and from new employees, is how much they love our Core Value-“Honor God.” We are so blessed to be employed by a private institution which allows and promotes Honoring God! In my opinion, one of today’s great tragedies in America, is that public schools no longer can state they Honor God. As a child attending public schools, every day we had daily prayer and every day we pledged allegiance to the American Flag. We have advanced America in many ways but certainly declined in others when it comes to honoring God.

I recently came across a poem by James Metcalfe that addresses Honoring God and I wanted to share it with you.


What is the value of your life?
What does it mean to you?
The chance to strive for comfort and
To make your dreams come true?
To harvest happiness on earth
Wherever it may be,
And maybe gain a golden fame
For future history?
Then you are selfish in your heart,
And wrong in your desire
Because your motif should be on
A level so much higher
The real and only value of
Your life depends today
On how much you serve your neighbor in
Your most unselfish way.
The only lasting value of
Your life upon this sod
Is not how happy you may be
But how you honor God.





Live long and prosper.

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