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So, at the stroke of midnight on January 1, we are convinced that large and small changes will suddenly take place.  Right?  Don’t we all wish it were that easy!!  Author Harvey Mackay suggests that a New Year’s resolution is just defining another significant goal in our lives that needs to be satisified.

 Most achievable resolutions need a few definable goals such as:

 Vision:  What do you want to achieve every day?  A life-changing resolution needs a mission statement.

 Focus:  A specific goal must be your target.  Don’t just “lose some weight”—“lose 15 pounds by June!”

 Challenge:  Your resolution should be challenging—not too easy, but definitely not so difficult it already has “failure” marked all over it by January 10th.

 Presence:  Write down your resolutions & post the list where it is visibly present 24/7.

 Commitment:  Share your resolutions.  Find an accountability partner to help you work on achieving your goals.

 Challenges:   Make this year different.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Read more; explore a new & different topic.  Learn something new.  Ever try Sudoku?  When was the last time you visited a museum? Dance class? 

 Create something or volunteer, and do it because you want to—not because you might get paid.  The satisfaction of “feeling  good about yourself” is motivation enough to follow through with your resolutions.

 Make it a year of “all about me.”  Try new foods.  Vow to take care of yourself—exercise, change your hairstyle, change your wardrobe.

 Wring out the “old” that seems to be blocking the success that is waiting for you in the “new”.  Make 2012 a significantly different & successful year like none before!



Live long and prosper.

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