Mining More Than Coal

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This week I read an article titled “4 Ways to Mine Your Talents This Summer” by Katie Crowe. With summer right around the corner I know that many of us are looking forward to spending more time with our families, maybe taking a summer vacation, or enjoying “the sauna”, also known as, Oklahoma. We are all prepared for the summer fun, but are your skills ready? Here are a few tips from Crowe’s article that will help you mine your talents this summer.

Whether you have a job or are looking for one, summer can be the perfect time to “take a step back, assess where you are and brush up on your skills,” says Doreen Rainey, life coach and founder of the annual Get RADICAL Women’s conference. Here are her tips for dealing with life and career changes:

Assess your strengths. If starting a new job or setting out on a new career path, Rainey cautions against thinking about a former job or skill set. Instead, consider the things you excel at that will “expand your career options.” For example, when working in a law office after college, in preparation for a legal career, Rainey began to see she that she was better at (and enjoyed much more) working with people. “I thought about what I was actually doing at that job, took that skill set and parlayed it into working in human resources.”

Know how to network. Think about on and offline: “We’re talking about going back to good old fashioned hand shaking here,” Rainey says. She applauds both the frequent use of social media such as LinkedIn and hold in-person conversations and meetings with business contacts. Also: “Blogging about areas within your expertise is another great way to connect with people.”

Be a life-long learner. That includes on and off the job. “Find hobbies that you love.” She says. Perhaps take a class you enjoy.

Feel the fear. And move forward, anyway. “No one goes through something like losing a job or starting their own business without fear,” Rainey says. “People wait for it to just go away, and it won’t.” Instead, use fear as fuel. For example, take advantage of your apprehension and use it to pick up the phone and make calls. Even small steps help build confidence.


Live long and prosper.

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