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“Money + Happiness + Sustainability = Prosperity.”

Co-authors Ethan Willis & Randy Garn are out to change the defeatist mindset of all of us and to inspire us to prosper.  When you have enough money, when you are happy with what you are doing, content with yourself, and have built something that is sustainable, then we say you are prosperous.  Money, wealth, security, health, family, love, and service to others seem to all define prosperity to many of us.  Self-worth seems to be the key to prosperity, and most external compensation will never make us happy.  

How much money is enough?  Income sufficient to support goals and dreams, but not so much that you become alienated from your own deeply held values and principles is key. It’s a dedicated adventure to learn to balance the pursuit of prosperity with happiness.

Happiness should include positive feelings about ourselves and the world surrounding us. To be truly happy we must live a life consistent with our beliefs.  Our earnings should line up with our passion and purpose of life.  We should be healthy in mind and body.

Do you feel good about the work you do?  Are you able to put in the work over a long period of time to reach that prosperity level you are seeking?  Will the work be ethical and beneficial to others and have a lasting value?  Will it be meaningful to you?

Tulsa World has offered a link to a free Prosperity Assessment evaluation to identify personalized strengths in an effort to transform your life into a prosperous one even in difficult economic times. (

Willis & Garn believe “prosperity is not a recreational activity but a lifestyle that you have to choose and renew.”


Live long and prosper.

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