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One of the topics I like to discuss in Career and Life Development (CLD), with our new students, is the importance of developing and maintaining great relationships with those they love.  I am constantly reminded of this when I go home from work to find several of our grandchildren there waiting to pounce on me!  These great kiddos really don’t care about how my day went or how tired I am. What do they want? They want me to play with them, walk the dogs with them, push them in the backyard swing or put in the DVD Happy Feet and dance with them! Yes, that is an ugly visual…but that is what they want!  

They want my t-i-m-e!

      I urge our students to make sure they take time to nurture the relationships they have with those they love, and suggest they express their love and appreciation to those who are supporting them in any way so that they can attend college and pursue their vocational dream! Certainly “actions speak  louder than words” and I suggest that our students demonstrate their love and appreciation to those supporting them by being great students, and by so doing, they will demonstrate their appreciation to those supporting them. 

      Lastly, I believe that our time on earth is short. The older I get the more true that fact is!  Since we never know how long we will be here, I believe it is critical that we make the time to thank God for the blessings we enjoy, and to express our love to those we cherish by giving them our time. It has been said…”You cannot save time…only spend it.”  I hope we will all spend our time wisely doing those things which will bring us lasting joy and happiness. 



Live long and prosper.

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