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No, don’t schedule brain surgery…Open a book!!

Statistics show that business people who read at least seven books a year earn 2.3 times more per year than those who read only one per year.  Having a constant flow of new ideas helps in personal careers and in a corporate environment.  Reading is the best way to safeguard your own position and also helps the company grow.

Even though we all (at least 75%) understand the competitive advantage of being well-versed, finding the time is 100% more difficult!  Resources such as monthly subscriptions to business book summaries is an excellent investment.  Finding 30 minutes a month on your calendar to cover at least two excellent business sources is a valuable resource worth discovering.

Make your car a mobile library.  Listening to CDs and podcasts while commuting to work or appointments is a great use of your time, and a welcome diversion from the “beep and creep” drive.  

The e-readers and the endless electronic library is another quick and easy access to great books.  The size and mobility of an e-reader makes it difficult to find an excuse to not read something.  Reading on a plane, train, automobile, and even in the dark has become so simple.

Libraries do still exist, and most of their resources are free.  CD’s, DVD’s, newspapers, magazines and current books are all readily available.  The local librarian is a fabulous unlimited supply of knowledge, resources and guidance.

Do you protect your mind as carefully as you protect your assets?  Your mind is priceless and is the source of your joy, happiness and peace.  Yes, the mind IS a terrible thing to waste!


Live long and prosper.

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