Operation Motivation

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We all have those times when we need to dig deep and find the motivation to complete a specific task; it may be personal or professional. I recently found some great tips on how to motivate yourself or others. Michael V. Pantalon’s tips from his book Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone to do Anything, are:

  • Start Small. Focus on the smallest action needed to begin any task so can make it more manageable. For example, paying your bills may sound daunting, but placing your checkbook next to your computer is doable.
  • Go Outside the Box. Imagine all the different ways you can tackle your problem. Tap into other people’s creativity to help you come up with a solution. When using the Instant Influence approach with others, we tap into their creativity to help them come up with their own solutions.
  • Use that strategy on yourself. Instead of dwelling on one solution, try coming up with others. Dreading reading a boring business book? See if it’s available on tape.
  • Every problem has a solution. If the possibility of a solution seems real, you’ll remain motivated. Sure, you might need to change your approach, but sooner or later a solution will present itself.
  • Be ready to surprise yourself. Newly discovered motivations often take on a life of their own. Before you know it, a task you accomplish in one aspect of your life will encourage you to tackle bigger feats.

Remember “either you run the day or the day runs you.” –Jim Rohn.

If you follow these tips, Operation Motivation, will be successful.


Live long and prosper.

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