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“It’s a small thing, but on any given day it can make all the difference.  Thank You!”

Find a pen and paper.  It doesn’t take an expensive ‘monte blanc’ pen or monogrammed cards to handwrite a note to make a person feel special. 

At a loss for words?  Thank the barista for always getting your morning coffee order correct, or the dry cleaning clerk that seems to work 24/7.  What about the last gift you received?  Be specific in your note.  Identify one thing in your note that might express your delight or usage of a gift or an encounter.  My wife, Susan, is the “Thank You Card Queen!”  She doesn’t buy the idea of sending a thank you via email.  She has convinced me that taking the time to “pen” a Thank You is much more meaningful to the recipient.

Keep it short.  Your card should be small.  Three or four sentences keeps the focus on the person’s kindness and your sincere gratitude.

John Kralik released a new book entitled ‘A Simple Act of Gratitude’ which was a year long project that transformed his life.  He decided to focus on what he had and be grateful versus focusing on what he wanted.  He decided to embark on a year of thank-yous.  He dug into his past and started thanking colleagues who had sent him clients, and suddenly his practice started to grow.  He sent notes to doctors, neighbors, clerks…it seemed to get really easy to spot the need for expressing gratitude on a daily basis.

“I thought I would express my gratitude that you have taken the time and made the effort to learn my name and greet me each day in a way that makes me feel like a person instead of a number.  It’s a small thing, but on any given day, it can make all the difference.  Thank you!”  This small powerful note made the receiver realize that her job wasn’t just a paycheck, and what she did really counts.  I believe that if we all have the attitude of gratitude that it will provide us all with much more latitude!


Live long and prosper.

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