Striving for a Quality of Life?

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Quality of Life

One of the things I frequently hear from those applying for a position with our College is that they want to find a quality of life.

A University of Michigan study made a startling research finding some years ago.  They reported that there was one activity, more than anything else, which corresponded to a drastically improved quality and length of life. The study concluded that this trait was more important than nutrition, exercise or diet. Doing this would increase a person’s energy and zest for life. What was the conclusion? They found that when people were involved in regular volunteer work it was determined to be the best way to increase not only the length of years but the enjoyment of them too.

An example of this was illustrated in London during World War II. People who were affected with various types of emotional or nervous disorders found great comfort helping victims of the German Air Raids. Their service directed their attention from their own problems. Caring for others translated into finding a topic of restoration for their own souls. Personally, I’m thankful to work for a College that allows me to take one day a year to provide community service. One of our six core values is to “Deliver Service to the Community”.

As it states in the Bible: “It is more blessed to give, than to receive.” Acts 20:35


Live long and prosper.

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