Taking the Leap

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Greetings from the Starship-CCC/CSC and OTC!

Recently I came across an article titled “Are you willing to take the leap?” by Clint Davis, a Financial Coach. His article was based on financial goals, but I believe that the main points of his article relate to any goal that we may have in life.

Davis discusses two kinds of people in life:

The first group is made up of people who don’t really have any goals. These people accept mediocrity and the status quo. They float through life, content just going to work, earning a pay check and taking their two week vacation each year. When asked how they are doing they’re always doing “just fine.”

The second group of people are known as “dreamers.” These people have big dreams and high aspirations. Their mantra is, “someday…” Someday I’ll pursue my passions. Someday I’ll be debt free. They know that they want better, but they never really do anything about it.

Henry David Thoreau stated, “We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success.”

Besides the two groups mentioned above, there is also a small percentage of people who have a dream and reach for it. They set goals and work toward them. They make plans and see them through, like a lot of our students. Many of our students had reached a point in their life when they decided, “it’s time for a change!” It tickles me to see students make these changes in life! I believe we either get fed up with the way things have been, or we are so excited about what we want for the future that we get up, move forward and go for it!

We must make a conscious decision to take steps toward reaching our goals. Thoreau’s idea of leaping into darkness towards success sounds a bit frightening doesn’t it? Especially since light brings clarification and the ability to see. Unfortunately, there are times when the path to our goals isn’t well lit. There are many unknowns in life, but the key is continue to press forward, knowing that in the end when you reach your goals the journey will be worth it. Don’t give up, even when it is dark and difficult. If you need help…borrow a flashlight. Build up your support system by surrounding yourself with others who will help encourage you to reach your goals. Whether it’s your family, a friend, your teacher, or a co-worker know that there are others around you, who are ready and willing to help you achieve your dreams! So what are you waiting for? I urge you to take your first step today and become part of the small percentage of people that accomplish their goals and deliver their dreams!


Live long and prosper.

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