Telephone Poles

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Two crews were putting up telephone poles for their company. At the end of the first day, the foreman tabulated his numbers. He asked his first crew how many poles they’d put into the ground. They proudly replied, “Fifteen Sir!” The second team was new at this work, but they were equally proud: “We put in four Sir!” The foreman immediately reacted, He shouted back: “It took you all day to put in four poles?” The second group leader was beaming, “Yes Sir!” Then added, “But did you see how many of the poles those other guys had sticking out of the ground?”

Telephone Poles

In work and in life, some get it and some don’t. Some people fail to understand the purpose or value of their work. Others can never seem to master basic fundamentals and others never seem to understand the nature or value of relationships. Some try, but simply don’t understand the importance of faith. We all have things in life that we don’t get, yet wise individuals learn to pursue the most important things and master what is important.

So-What’s important in your life? Do you see the importance of doing a good job? Do you treasure the value of relationships? Do you spend time serving others? Are you pursuing important and lasting things or are you spending your time consumed in self-serving efforts?

Yes, like the two telephone crews, some get it and some don’t. The reality is, one day, we will all be pushing up daisy’s and I hope each of us wakes up in time and realizes the importance of understanding what is truly important in life before it is too late.


Live long and prosper.

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