Thankful? Tis the Season To Be

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As we begin the New Year season many of us reflect on life and what we are thankful for. What are you thankful for? What are most Americans thankful for?

An article by Kate Scanlon reviews a new study of Facebook posts that offers some insight:

Facebook Data Science sought to learn what Americans are thankful for, according to their Facebook posts. The study examined “a set of anonymized English status updates that contained ‘grateful’ or ‘thankful,’ as well as the word ‘day’ preceded or followed by a number. These status updates were then aggregated and processed by a text-clustering algorithm so we could identify what people were grateful for.”

Overall, Facebook users are most likely to post that they are thankful for their friends, followed by family and health. Topics such as “job” and “the roof over my head” also made the top 10.

Thankful forChart: Facebook Data Science

When posts were separated by gender, men were most grateful for their wife, and women were most grateful for their husband and children. The top 10 topics for men included “football” and “the internet” and the top 10 for women included “wine” and “fur babies” [pets].

If you’d like to see the full article posted by The Daily Signal for the above, just click here.

Personally, I find it interesting that in the top 10 list God, religion or the freedom to worship is not even mentioned. Quite possibly because those surveyed didn’t even think of God or religion as something to be thankful for, but shouldn’t we?

This great country was founded by those seeking a land where they could worship and believe as they wished. As Americans, have we become so focused on ourselves, others and things that we leave God and religion way down on our thankful list?

This season, as we think about that which we are thankful for, I hope we will first give thanks to God for being alive and for the blessing of living in America as well as being able to believe and worship God as we choose.


Live long and prosper.

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