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You have probably heard the statement:  “The choices we make will make or break us.” As many of you know, Susan and I have a lot of grandkids (22 last count).  I know their faces but not sure of all their names (just kidding!). Sometimes the younger grandkids get whiny and say “I can’t! I can’t!”  Susan’s response to this is “you can do hard things!”  Now some of our grandkids say that out loud instead of complaining “I can’t! I can’t!” they say “I can do hard things!”

 I firmly believe our daily and long-term choices determine our happiness and success.  Recently I came across a book titled “One Choice.”  In that book the Table of Contents read as follows:

  1. Choose your Career Passion
  2. Choose to be in the “Drivers Seat”
  3. Choose to Make a Difference
  4. Choose Your Attitude
  5. Choose to Take Back Your Life
  6. Choose Financial Freedom
  7. Choose Kindness and Watch It Change Your Life
  8. Choose Not To Give Up
  9. Choose to Start a New Business
  10. Choose to Change Your Environment
  11. Choose to Look at the Possibilities
  12. Choose to Discipline Your Life
  13. Choose to Love
  14. Choose to Simplify Your Life
  15. Choose to Take a Chance

I’ve heard it said “the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary people are the choices we make.”

God reminds us of our choices as well when he stated in the scriptures “choose you this day whom ye will serve.”

 I hope we will all make great choices which will lead us to happiness—because we all can do hard things!


Live long and prosper.

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