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Do you like change?  Personally I love it!  It makes life interesting and challenging.  My father-in-law (God rest his soul) hated change.  He was a very hard working family man who worked in a steel mill for over 30 years. He ate a tuna fish sandwich for lunch every day for those 30 years.  No peanut butter & jelly; no baloney—only tuna fish every day!  I don’t know about you, but that would never work for me!  I like tuna fish, but wouldn’t want to O.D. on it!

 I’ve found that change is not easy for many people.  I’ve heard it said “The only people who like change are wet babies.”  Funny, but I don’t believe it for a minute.  I work with a number of great people who value change.  The reality is things will always change.  We don’t have a choice about that.  The only choice we have boils down to either we manage change or it will manage us.  Change is often an emotional process for some people because we are all creatures of habit and we get into comfortable ruts.  I believe that change can be a wonderful gift as it unlocks doors to growth and improvement.

 Dr. Greene has been speaking to us about the value and importance of change.  I love to hear him speak on the topic (and every topic).  Last week he shared a great quote from author John Maxwell on the topic of change.  “Today is just as good a day to make change as any other.”  Dr. Greene taught us that new research suggests habits take 10 days or less to change.  Great news as previous research suggested it took much longer.

 I believe that those who can and do adjust to change are usually happier in their work and personal lives than those who struggle with change.  To be the best we can be and ultimately to grow our 3 colleges we have to change.  What got us here won’t get us there!


Live long and prosper.

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