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Building trust is the most difficult responsibility facing management.  A Manager’s behavior and actions lay the foundation for trust.  According to Whitener, Brodt, Korsgaard & Werner (1998) trustworthy behavior consists of:

1.      Behavioral Consistency

2.      Behavioral Integrity

3.      Sharing & Delegation of Control

4.      Communication

5.      Demonstration of  Concern

Consistency in word and deed is directly linked to the behavioral integrity of the manager.    When managers involve employees in decision-making, they demonstrate significant trust and respect for their employees.

When employees see that managers are communicating in an accurate and transparent way it improves their approval rating and demonstrates the manager is worthy of being “followed.”   Becoming a better listener also helps a manager to be more patient and builds  quality relationships.  Managers must always avoid exploiting their employees if they are to demonstrate trustworthy behavior.



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