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Recently I’ve had several team members ask me for assistance in helping them to improve in their communication skills.  One of the best resources on this topic that I’ve found is a book I learned a lot from called “Aspire” by Kevin Hall.  I urge everyone to read it!

 Nothing will help you in your success as much as the words we choose when communicating with others.  Paul Sohn teaches us four key standards to follow when communicating with others.

BE DIRECT.  Always attempt to say what needs to be said using as few words as possible.  People want the nuts and bolts.

BE TACTFUL.  Although it’s important to be direct, sometimes being too direct can sound arrogant or demanding.  When we are asking something of another person, we are essentially imposing on their privacy.  This is when tact comes in.

BE THOROUGH.  Besides being direct and succinct, be thorough.  Check all the facts and do the research.  Double and triple check your work to assure you have done everything to the best of your ability.

BE CAREFUL.  Gratefulness is showing another that you are truly thankful for the opportunity.  Gratitude is twofold: Always show your appreciation to others, but also extend your thankfulness to God for the opportunity.  Grateful people are more likely to be positive people, and positive people are much more likely to get requests accepted than negative people.

If we want to be better communicators then we need to Be Direct, Be Tactful, Be Thorough, and Be Grateful.  When we use these strategies our chances are much better that others will respond more favorably to our requests.


Live long and prosper.

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