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You do 10 things right and you never hear a word.  You get ONE thing wrong, and you never hear the end of it.   According to various surveys, 130 million people in the US go home every night feeling that they don’t matter to the organization they work for.

Mr. Robert Chapman, a CEO of a very large manufacturing, engineering & consulting firm follows the Truly Human Leadership model for his company.  The model is all about people, purpose and performance, and Mr. Chapman’s vision is to send employees home every night feeling fulfilled.

Employees are solicited for ideas.  They are allowed to develop, share, & be appreciated for their gifts.  The leadership model attempts to shine a light in every corner of the business and is constantly looking for the goodness in people.  The employees begin to take the time to talk about the goodness in other employees.  The Truly Human Leadership model had actually begun to heal employees’ family lives as well.  Going home every night knowing management will never forget “that one wrong thing” made communication efforts at home extremely difficult. 

Harvey Mackay’s take away principle on the leadership model of the mentioned company is that people are judged by the company they keep and companies are judged by the people they keep.

Our three campuses are also judged by the people we keep and we are blessed with terrific team members who are passionate about our mission and compassionate to those we serve.


Live long and prosper.

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