Have Fun and Be Healthy

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Greetings Earthlings! This week I am writing about our 3rd Corporate Core Value-“Have Fun and Be Healthy”. Years ago I had the privilege of working at the world famous-Mayo Clinic. One of the two Mayo brothers who started the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Charlie Mayo, was once quoted as saying; “There is no fun like work!” […]

Success Factor

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Our second Core Value is to Be dedicated to every student’s success- The College is dedicated to forming a supportive learning community which encourages the personal and professional growth of all students while reassuring them that they are valued and respected. I recently read an article about “10 Characteristics of Successful Customer Service” by Peter […]

Honor God

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Greetings fellow Earthling Eskimos! This past week Tulsa experienced record breaking snow and cold temperatures. All schools and many businesses were closed for most of last week!  It reminded me of many of the snows I enjoyed as a boy. I grew up in Utah and that state promotes itself as a major winter state […]


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