Operation Motivation

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We all have those times when we need to dig deep and find the motivation to complete a specific task; it may be personal or professional. I recently found some great tips on how to motivate yourself or others. Michael V. Pantalon’s tips from his book Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone to do Anything, […]

Build Your Emotional Intelligence

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I know that we’ve all had a time or two where we felt the only option was to use the “Stress Reduction Kit” shown above! I receive a newsletter from Lou Russell, who specializes in project management training. The newsletter had an article titled “You Can’t Scale When You’re Mad as Hail” that focused on […]

Freedom From Your Speech

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Let’s face it… for the majority of us giving a speech can be a terrifying experience. The majority of great orators that we call “naturals” weren’t born that way. It takes practice, lots and lots of practice. Don’t become enslaved by the process of writing and delivering a quality speech! Here are 5 easy steps […]


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