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TRUST–without it, leaders lose teams.  Without it, organizations lose productivity, relationships, reputation, customer loyalty, revenue…it’s a key attribute!  David Horsager, author of “The Trust Edge…”has found that leaders and organizations that were highly trusted were able to maintain customers, charge higher prices, show substantial growth and still be competitive.  Trust doesn’t happen overnight.  Harvey Mackey […]


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You do 10 things right and you never hear a word.  You get ONE thing wrong, and you never hear the end of it.   According to various surveys, 130 million people in the US go home every night feeling that they don’t matter to the organization they work for. Mr. Robert Chapman, a CEO of […]


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One of Brandon Steiner’s favorite sayings is “if you want more money, don’t pay attention to the money.  Pay attention to the thing that makes the money.”  Mr. Steiner has become the master of “what else…?” and just released a new book titled “You Gotta Have Balls.” Brandon runs a successful sports memorabilia business.  He […]


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