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You have probably heard the statement:  “The choices we make will make or break us.” As many of you know, Susan and I have a lot of grandkids (22 last count).  I know their faces but not sure of all their names (just kidding!). Sometimes the younger grandkids get whiny and say “I can’t! I […]


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  Some of you more “senior” members will remember when the Tonight Show was hosted by Jack Parr.  After Jack Parr, it was hosted for many years by Johnnie Carson—long before Jay Leno. I remember many nights going to my parents’ bedroom before going to sleep and saying goodnight, and they would be laughing and […]


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ATTITUDE DETERMINES ONE’S ALTITUDE  Over the years, I have been a big fan of the many authors and lecturers who promote the importance of having a Great Attitude. I believe the Power of Positive Thinking, Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) literally keeps us healthier, extends life and certainly improves the quality of life. My Mother was […]


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