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When some of our students were initially thinking about returning to college they appeared to be lost and unsure of where they were going.  Certainly our great Admissions team, coupled with help from all of you, has provided direction to those who appeared to be lost.  The following story, as told by the great motivational […]


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No doubt you know people who, when facing great trials and difficulties, always see the good and view life in a positive way.  You also probably know an individual who views life in the negative–seeing the glass as half empty vs. half full.  The other day I was thinking about a dear friend of mine […]

FOCUS on the Right Things

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    I once heard it said:  “That which we focus on we tend to cause to happen.” Are you focused on those things that will bring you lasting joy or only temporary happiness?  I ask myself that question whenever I have a full plate of things to do (or honey-do’s) and would rather be […]


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One of the topics I like to discuss in Career and Life Development (CLD), with our new students, is the importance of developing and maintaining great relationships with those they love.  I am constantly reminded of this when I go home from work to find several of our grandchildren there waiting to pounce on me! […]


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