I Love My Job!

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Almost every night when I come home from work, my wife asks:  “Do you still love your job?” I readily reply, “Absolutely! I love my job!”

Do you? Why don’t you, if you don’t?  What are you doing to change things if you don’t love your job? It’s up to you, you know!  Life is too short not to do what you love and love what you do!

Many of our team members and students know that I frequently quote my favorite author, writer and lecturer, Dr. Seuss.

Years ago, Dr. Seuss wrote his famous “I love my job” poem and here it is:

I love my job 2Sometimes we may feel we are close to having those men in the clean white coats come to take us away, but the truth is, the work challenges we face and overcome make us stronger and better in so many ways.

My job is very challenging and rewarding.  I hope yours is as well!

Dr. Charlie Mayo, the co-founder of the world renowned Mayo Clinic, where I have worked, once said, “There is no fun like work!” I firmly believe that and find great joy and satisfaction in my career and I hope the same for you!

If you don’t, then do something else with your life – we only go around once and time is slipping away!


Live long and prosper.

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