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It’s easy to agree that the other person is wrong and the outcome of the situation is hopeless.  Can’t we just all get along?

Stephen Covey has a new book out titled “The 3rd Alternative”  in which he defines the alternative as not my way; not your way; there is a third way we can create together that is better. 

Conflict is a part of life.  Sometimes problems seem impossible to solve. We may lose hope, give up, or settle for an outcome that doesn’t feel good in the end.  The 3rd alternative seems to be the key to solving most of the difficult problems we face in all walks of life.  We must radically change our thinking for this to work.  We are all forced to poise ourselves on a transition point between the past and a future we never imagined.  Within each of us a talent for change can emerge.

As alternative thinkers, we must work from the inside out.  Here are some ways to do this.

  •  Beware of Pride.  Abandon your perfect idea for what may be a much better idea.
  •  Read.  One of the best ways to make mental connections and get new insights is to read as many diverse books and articles as possible.
  •  Schedule a meeting with yourself.  Quiet time is necessary to separate yourself from the conflict that may be robbing you of your sleep.  Reassess the situation.  Cool down.   Rethink the importance of the problem.
  • Victory.  Every person in the party needs to feel some sense of victory.  Learn how to enthusiastically create “wins” for others.  Wins increase peace, happiness & sometimes prosperity.  “Wins” become infectious.  Others will soon seek the same for you.

A life-changing principle can be found in the discovery of a  3rd side to every argument or conflict for peace and harmony everywhere.  This principle has no boundaries, no age limit & can become generational in its impact.

Working towards the 3rd Alternative will improve our ability to find solutions and ultimately get along.



Live long and prosper.

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