What’s Holding You Back?

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As we approach 2016, with great anticipation, many of us have set new goals for ourselves. I have a number of goals that I hope to accomplish this coming year. At times, I believe I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to moving forward. Moving forward often involves getting past our past. Moving forward may […]

Senior Citizen

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This past weekend I turned 65 years old. Now, I’m Social Security eligible, I get discounts at the movie theatre, and get called “Sir” a lot more than I used to. The good news is that I feel great, love my work, enjoy life and can’t wait to explore life’s next adventure! Even though my […]

The Impact of Great Teachers

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One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Baird. Mr. Baird was my 4th Grade teacher and the reason I liked him so much was because I knew he cared about me…and…well…he also played football with us during recess! 🙂 Mr. Baird showed interest in my progress and expected me to do well and be the […]

Circumstances or Decisions?

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Many co-workers know that for several decades, I’ve been a fan of Stephen R. Covey’s work. I love one of his quotes where he stated: “We are not a product of our circumstances, rather a product of our decisions.” I think this quote is so empowering! I believe that none of us chose which family […]


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I have many grandchildren (23 to be exact) and I know most of their names (just kidding). It seems that lately many of them are in that “Why?” stage of life. They ask “Why” about everything- why this, why that, why Grandpa? This is normal and it is great to be imaginative and seek information, […]

OKC Bombing- 20 Years Later

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The month of April marks the 20 year anniversary of the horrific Oklahoma City bombing. I was living in Florida in 1995, but still vividly remember the terrible event of April 19, 1995 . I recently read an article about the major transformation of Oklahoma City since the bombing. One of the things mentioned in […]

Go Fly a Kite!

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The month of March is typically one of our windiest months. The other day, I saw a boy flying a kite and it reminded me of my youth and flying kites with my friends. I grew up living across the street from my elementary school. Westmore Elementary had a large, grassy field, where we played […]

We Can’t Save Time in Bottle

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In 1973, the great singer/songwriter Jim Croce released his popular song “Time in a Bottle”.  At that time, I was in my early 20’s and this song quickly became a favorite of mine. Part of the song’s lyrics state: “There never seems to be enough time To do the things you want to do Once […]

The Key to Great Communication in Your Business | TRUST

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Want Great Communication in Your Organization or Business? It all starts with Trust. Trust is the key to success not only in personal relationships but professional relationships. Dr. Stephen Covey advocated; “When trust is high, communication is easy.” That is so true and trust is key in all great organizations and companies. Here are several […]


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