How Old is Grandpa?

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I have 23 grandchildren – and I know most of their names, just kidding!!!  Some of my grand kids love to ask me how old I am and what it was like growing up with dinosaurs. As I have reflected on the many things that have changed during my lifetime, I came across a story […]


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This morning I learned of the passing of a member of my extended family who lived to be 103 years old!  “Bobbie” was an amazing example to all who knew and loved her.  She taught herself to play the piano at an early age & later taught piano not only in her home, but also […]


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Do you like change?  Personally I love it!  It makes life interesting and challenging.  My father-in-law (God rest his soul) hated change.  He was a very hard working family man who worked in a steel mill for over 30 years. He ate a tuna fish sandwich for lunch every day for those 30 years.  No […]


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      Some of Stephen Covey’s wisdom on ways to move forward: 1.  LETTING OPINIONS OF OTHERS CONTROL YOUR LIFE You have to do what’s best for your life It’s what you think about yourself that counts. 2.  SHAME OF PAST FAILURES What you do right now is all that matters. Your past does […]


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Have you ever watched the ants working hard in the summer?  Building mounds, hauling crumbs deep underground.  Close by, the grasshoppers are jumping from weed to weed playing catch-me-if-you-can and enjoying life.  Winter arrives!  Ants underground warm and buried deep in summer picnic leftovers.  The grasshopper–no more green grass to dance in, no food, no […]

See, Feel then Change!

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SUCCESSFUL CHANGE   SEE, FEEL then CHANGE!  According to John P Kotter, a Harvard Business School Professor and author, this is our response to change.  Kotter has developed a change model for understanding and managing change as discussed in his books ‘Leading Change’ & ‘The Heart of Change.’ INCREASE URGENCY.  Inspire people to move—be relevant […]

Taking the Leap

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Greetings from the Starship-CCC/CSC and OTC! Recently I came across an article titled “Are you willing to take the leap?” by Clint Davis, a Financial Coach. His article was based on financial goals, but I believe that the main points of his article relate to any goal that we may have in life. Davis discusses […]


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