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When some of our students were initially thinking about returning to college they appeared to be lost and unsure of where they were going.  Certainly our great Admissions team, coupled with help from all of you, has provided direction to those who appeared to be lost.  The following story, as told by the great motivational […]

How to Build a Winning Team

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The desire to win is essential.  According to John Wooden, “Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.” Long term winning, is a result of character, having a strategy and implementing it effectively. I found this great article, How to Build a Winning Team, by Jack and Suzy Welch. I have summarized the four necessities of […]

Honor God

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Greetings fellow Earthling Eskimos! This past week Tulsa experienced record breaking snow and cold temperatures. All schools and many businesses were closed for most of last week!  It reminded me of many of the snows I enjoyed as a boy. I grew up in Utah and that state promotes itself as a major winter state […]


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