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Many years ago my parents bought an organ for me and my sisters to play.  I started to take lessons and was initially very excited to play.  That excitement quickly wore off when I realized all the hours of practice I had to put in to learn how to play the organ.  Being 11 years […]


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GRADUATED!!   NOW WHAT? Our Fall 2011 Graduation last week was spectacular, but being a graduate who can’t find employment is devastating.  Being well-educated and unemployed is frustrating for all family members who helped sacrifice and pay for that wonderful degree. So—now it’s time to get serious! Besides staying in close contact with our Career Services […]

Greetings Earthlings!

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This is Captain Kirk from the Starship Enterprise contacting you! Although I don’t actually fly around in the Starship Enterprise, I often wish I could beam myself from campus to campus! I serve as Commander (President) of our three great fleets (campuses)—Community Care College, Clary Sage College and Oklahoma Technical College based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. […]


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