10 Strange Facts About America

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Most of you know how much I love this great country we call home: AMERICA! It truly is the greatest nation on earth and what a blessing it is for all of us to be citizens and enjoy the many freedoms we do! I recently read an article that stated some strange facts about America […]


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Many years ago my parents bought an organ for me and my sisters to play.  I started to take lessons and was initially very excited to play.  That excitement quickly wore off when I realized all the hours of practice I had to put in to learn how to play the organ.  Being 11 years […]

Motivation Comes From the Heart

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Have you ever wondered why do we do the things we do? There are two basic reasons people do things: they have to or they want to. Which reason works better and gets the best results? Work that is done because someone wants to do it always works best! The other work still needs to […]


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