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  The terrible devastation left in the wake of the tornados in Moore and Shawnee, OK this week were unbelievable! It looked like a bomb exploded! Those poor people have been on my mind constantly, and I am anxious to go with my Church group and do whatever we can to assist clearing debris and providing help […]


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A recent study of 6,000 adults over the age of 50 found that those with a “sunny” disposition had a significantly reduced risk of a stroke.  They tend to make healthier food choices, exercise more, and exhibit positive thinking.   Positive thinking seems to help your heart, boost your mood, support your immune system and lengthen […]


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Think about the last time you played with a baby.  When you put hands over your eyes, she did the same thing.  “Mirroring” is a natural human behavior.  Through imitation, our species is able to learn, communicate, and empathize.  Our natural inclination for mimicry means that we often “catch” each other’s moods, which is why […]


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