How Do You Define Success?

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One of my High School football cheers went like this: “S-U-C-C-E-S-S, that’s the way we spell success!” What determines success in your life? John Foster Dulles said, “The measures of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it’s the same problem you had last year.” Woody Allen said, “80% […]


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This time of year we are all focused on setting goals to achieve more success both personally and professionally.  Some years ago I came across an article that outlined success and I wanted to share it with you. TEN SECRETS TO SUCCESS  How you think is everything.  Always be positive.  Think success, not failure! Decide […]


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I’ve long been a fan of Harvey Mackay.  Harvey suggests that it seems there is more focus these days on the tools of communication than on the act of communicating.  We are turning out computer and internet gurus who can’t write and think creatively.   We have become so trusting of our gadgets that we want […]


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One of Brandon Steiner’s favorite sayings is “if you want more money, don’t pay attention to the money.  Pay attention to the thing that makes the money.”  Mr. Steiner has become the master of “what else…?” and just released a new book titled “You Gotta Have Balls.” Brandon runs a successful sports memorabilia business.  He […]


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     Your response to failure may someday make you great!  Our culture today views struggle & failure as a reason to label oneself as a “victim.”  Instead of waiting for the bandaids, figure out how to make a living by doing what you love!       Steve Jobs was the perfect example of being […]


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Get up and get moving TOWARD success early in the morning!   Most successful business people get an early morning start each day.  To be successful usually requires you to be both a night and a morning person.   Give yourself a good reason to get out of bed!  Make a list of what you want […]


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“MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED”      The Wall Street journal reported that about thirty-three percent of the high school graduates who received the tag of “Most Likely to Succeed” carried it around as a burden.   Forty percent with the title were motivated and driven to live up to the title bestowed upon them (now called […]

Discipline Defines Success or Failure

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Harvey Mackay is one of my favorite columnists. A recent article of his discusses the importance of discipline in every aspect of life. Discipline is an essential component of our lives, not only does it build character, it helps us accomplish the goals and dreams that we want to accomplish. My hope is that after […]


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