We Can’t Save Time in Bottle

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In 1973, the great singer/songwriter Jim Croce released his popular song “Time in a Bottle”.  At that time, I was in my early 20’s and this song quickly became a favorite of mine. Part of the song’s lyrics state: “There never seems to be enough time To do the things you want to do Once […]

The Key to Great Communication in Your Business | TRUST

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Want Great Communication in Your Organization or Business? It all starts with Trust. Trust is the key to success not only in personal relationships but professional relationships. Dr. Stephen Covey advocated; “When trust is high, communication is easy.” That is so true and trust is key in all great organizations and companies. Here are several […]


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Some of us are old enough to be familiar with the terms “horse sense” and “common sense.”  I believe that we have seen a major transformation in our society, moving away from things which should be common but no longer are.  Recently I came across “an obituary for the death of common sense”, & I […]


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TRUST–without it, leaders lose teams.  Without it, organizations lose productivity, relationships, reputation, customer loyalty, revenue…it’s a key attribute!  David Horsager, author of “The Trust Edge…”has found that leaders and organizations that were highly trusted were able to maintain customers, charge higher prices, show substantial growth and still be competitive.  Trust doesn’t happen overnight.  Harvey Mackey […]


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Real leadership affects real people, not just the bottom line.  A leader is a steward for future generations, so difficult decisions should be made with integrity and care.  A true leader needs to establish a forward-thinking environment, and not compromise or give up on something worth fighting for.  Workplaces seem to be lacking in respect, […]


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We all know the importance of our outlook on life, even in the most dire and desperate circumstances. Nicholas M. Butler, President of Columbia University in the early 1900’s said, “Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.” Butler’s quote certainly relates to the following story. I […]

Honor God

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Greetings fellow Earthling Eskimos! This past week Tulsa experienced record breaking snow and cold temperatures. All schools and many businesses were closed for most of last week!  It reminded me of many of the snows I enjoyed as a boy. I grew up in Utah and that state promotes itself as a major winter state […]


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