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Any project that requires the collaboration of more than one person to be completed proves how important teamwork can be.  No price can be put on the power of “We.” Harvey Mackay feels teamwork actually beings with the hiring process.  Interview questions should uncover teamwork skills.  Stories of past employment accomplishments should include examples of […]


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It’s easy to agree that the other person is wrong and the outcome of the situation is hopeless.  Can’t we just all get along? Stephen Covey has a new book out titled “The 3rd Alternative”  in which he defines the alternative as not my way; not your way; there is a third way we can […]

Play to Win

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“The company practices a culture that is playing to win both competitive advantage and market share in a way that rewards courage and expects creative thinking, innovative problem solving, and high impact results each day from our team.” Greeting Earthlings! I grew up in a friendly, yet competitive neighborhood with other boys about my age, […]


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